Jul 30, 201754 minutes

Zouain talks to trans advocate/activist Laila Ireland

Racist Baptists, Christian homosexuals, and Mormons/Rick & Morty.

Jul 16, 201782 minutes

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Kink and Christianity???

Jun 3, 201759 minutes

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Butt Stuff, Ice Cream and Death Threats.

May 1, 201751 minutes

Easter, Sacred Prostitutes, and The Last Supper at Mcdonalds

Apr 17, 201747 minutes

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IRL Darker than usual -death, God, Catholic sex scandals, American Taliban, & some guy from a bar.

Apr 10, 201757 minutes

This one is darker than usual, Sundays at 7p on www.TheEnd.FM

Trumpence and the end of a young earth

Dec 7, 201661 minutes

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